Cool Startling Cruiser Longboards

Cruisers (aka cruiser longboards) are great for everyday riders looking to cruise down the streets, around the lake or for city rippers who want a quick stop over at to the liquor store down town.
These boards are in general a little shorter than the full length board, they are still easy to ride but much easier to maneuver and lug around town than their longer brethren.

Just 25″-34” long – still stable thanks to the wider body

For a longboard ride in a short board body, these are the obvious choice.
These are not too expensive either.

Many will have a small kick tail like a traditional board and you can ride them in the pool and do lots of tricks.

Great for dogging pedestrians and making it across campus to beget to class on time. Swoosh around in style and comfort. The smaller size will help you to store it a locker or under your desk at work.

  • Shorter length
  • Lighter easy to carry
  • Wider shape than skateboard
  • Smaller footprint makes it easy to store

Couple of different cruisers that stand out from Stella Longboards

  • 2015 Stella Longboards Beer Runner Cabo – 29 inch


  • Mini Cruiser Putzer Longboard Skateboard Complete – 27 x 8 – Orange, Red, Yellow and Blue


  • Stella Longboards Rona – Beer Runner 29″


Hope you found this useful.