Get Lavishly Educated About Longboarding!

Longboarding, what is it?


Longboarding is the activity (sport/hobby) of riding on a long skateboard.

It has evolved of the years and grew out of a combination of surfboarding (on a long board) and skateboarding (on a short board).

Popular in the 1970’s as skateboarding. With up and downs it grained more traction as longboarding around 2000. With new wheels, setup and materials its now an ever evolving activity.

Nowadays there are a couple of major riding styles.

  • Cruising, leisurely riding around also known as carving – dancing is also part of that.
  • Freestyle, doing all kind of tricks aka pool or street riding
  • Freeride, hill and street sliding
  • Downhill, going fast down a hill or mountain many times in races.

here an image I found on longboardsusa which seems a good starting point.


I’m going in more details on each of these and will touch on the equipment in the coming posts.

If you are a beginner, just like me, who is just looking at getting deeper into longboarding, you will like our upcoming longboarding tips.