Longboard Shapes, is Pintail also your All-time favorite Shape?

There are many shapes you can find longboards in like:

  • kicktail
  • drop through
  • drop down
  • double drop
  • pintail
  • symmetrical / a- symmetrical
  • ….

or some more exactic names like runt, blimp, coffin, tank, ….



One shape that keep coming back is the Pintail shape.

A pintail longboard is just a great and elegant shape great for cruising around, ideal for a diva:-)

40 inch is a great length and for many people seen as optimal and desirable for the pintails (so most pintails are in 40-42 inch).

Found a great selection of pintail longboard for you, click here.

Everybody seems to have their own favorite and the good thing is that all are great for having a blast on a board.

Before you forget that the tear dropped shape of the pin tail longboard helps to prevent wheel bite, here it is

“no wheel bite on pintails”.


this shape of boards are great for beginners or people who just want to carve around town, the boardwalk or the campus.