Standing on a Longboard, what is the right way?

It all start with your stance. Are you goofy or regular?

Goofy is standing on the longboard with your right foot forward.

Regular is standing on the board with your left foot forward in your riding direction

There are several ways to figure out if you are goofy or regular.

  • Slight push: stand behind a person who stands strait up with their foot together. Push them lightly. The foot they used to catch themselves would be their back foot.
  • Kick the object: Ask the person to kick something. They foot they use is likely the foot that will be placed on the back of the board.

This works for most people, but not for everybody. So try both stances and see which one feels the best for you. The one that’s most comfortable is the one for you.

Goofy or regular both stances work great.



How to Stand on a Longboard
Now that we know your stance, lets talk a bit about how to stand on your board.

For starters, this information will be useful, however when you get more experienced there are several ways to stand on your board.

  • You want to have a low center of gravity and a solid base.
  • Stand in the center of your board, and make sure that your feet are directly beneath your shoulders.
  • Now bend your knees just a little to solidify your base and lower your center of gravity.
  • You can even widen your feet to a slightly wider than shoulder width if that makes you more comfortable.
  • Always take notice of which direction you are leaning.  One tendency you see a lot with starters is to lean back to much. Leaning backward really throws off your center of gravity.

When riding, especially down hills, try tucking yourself in a bit and leaning forward.  You will really notice that this helps your balance.

This is just a starting point.

Over time you will see that there are many different ways to stand on a longboard.

Some long board rider can stand just on the nose of the board or on the tail.  Some can stand with both feet together pointing toward the nose of the board.
Longboards are really made to give different standing positions to allow tricks such as dancing as well as precisely controlled riding.

You will also see some longboarders crouching on their boards.  This is a great way to bottom out your center of gravity.  When bombing hills, it can make you feel more stable and help you to make tighter turns.  Crouching will help in performing slides as well.

Just keep practicing, and before you know it you will not even be thinking about stance!